Are We Choking Our Spouses: Loosening the Grip

We never begin a marriage intending to choke our spouses, but it can happen even with the best intentions. With these simple tips I believe we can make our marriages stronger and build stronger bonds.


Bruce Collier’s Going to Heaven: A Story of Change and Triumph

“Bruce was the big brother I never had. We were such good friends that even after I ran him over with my truck he was never upset with me. He held it over my head, but he never held it against me.”

Creek Wood and Clarksville Friends: Am I Your Enemy

So, here’s my plea to you, friends and family whom I love dearly… Whatever they told you to do, if they left this very important step out then they have left out a lot of truth from their teaching….

Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad!!!

From your favorite son-in-law and biggest fan,

Happy Anniversary

This May Mean Nothing to You, But I Hope it Will Bring You Close to God

Before you go on reading ask yourself these questions: “Do I believe in Jesus Christ?” and “Is the Bible my final authority in all matters?” If the answer to these questions is ‘no,’… Continue reading

Are You Subject to Objective Truth?

What is 2+2? What is the abbreviation for “they are?” Who killed Kennedy?

Wacky Hair Wednesday… More like Worst Parenting Wednesday

Originally posted on adbenturesinparenting:
. Dear Grandpa Malachi, I am so glad that you are a confident child. You are such a perfect combination of silly like your mom and sweet like your…

Quit Being so Sensitive

He knows what’s vanity and what’s worth doing twice… Getting all riled up over things people say really is vanity. It won’t change what they said, nor will it change how they feel.

Heavy Love: Can You Move It Alone?

As we are winding up the month we’re all told we have to love each other, some of us might be thinking of how we can show love for another person next Thanksgiving through Valentine’s Day. If you are in this boat, it is probably filling up with water and looking to capsize very soon.

God: The Answer to Life, the Universe and Everything

Meaning must be given. It is not innate. A chair was not useless and then given the purpose of being a seat. It was created to be a seat.