Whose Work Are We Doing?

I spent this past week in Denver, CO taking the Hebrews class in the Graduate program at the Bear Valley Bible Institute of Denver. This was something I had been looking forward to since the day of graduation from the Bachelor’s program. Unfortunately, it meant leaving the wife and kids back in California (won’t do that again). While I was there I heard a great lesson from James Pfiffner from 2 Timothy 4:1-5 entitled “Fulfill Your Ministry.”

He talked about our responsibility to do the “hard stuff.” It’s not easy to go to a brother when he’s involved in sin and let him know that lifestyle isn’t what God wants. It’s not easy to go to a young man, possibly a teen, and try to counsel him without possibly causing other problems. But the point I really hung onto was actually the title of the lesson, “Fulfill Your Ministry.”

From 2 Timothy 4:12 we see Timothy was going to be replaced by Tychicus and Timothy was going to be coming to see Paul. So, Timothy had a limited amount of time do the work of an evangelist and fulfill his ministry.

We’re all on a ‘clock.’ We all have those things we have to get done in a certain amount of time. Timothy was called to Ephesus to do a certain work and he had hands laid on him charging him to that work. Now the time was coming for him to wrap up that work and move on. I find myself as a Timothy. I have a certain amount of time to do a certain work and then at the end I can either say “I did the work I was charged to do by God” or “I did the work I was expected to do by men.” At the end of it all we need to be able to say we did the work God wanted us to do, because He’s the one we ultimately have to face and answer to.

To all the church members, preachers, deacons and elders: do the work God wants you to do. Fulfill your ministry