Wacky Hair Wednesday… More like Worst Parenting Wednesday

My wife is the best… hahaha


Grandpa Malachi- Front View .

Grandpa Malachi- Side View

Dear Grandpa Malachi,
I am so glad that you are a confident child. You are such a perfect combination of silly like your mom and sweet like your dad and, like him, you have a beautiful way of letting mean and rude comments roll right off. I am so thankful for those qualities. Especially today when I have shaved your cute little head into the grandpa cut for Wacky Hair Wednesday.
You looked so hilarious that I made sure to take pictures and post them on the internet. I just knew that your hair would be a big hit at school! Sitting at home now, I’m sure it is.
I dropped you off this morning and while sitting in the car line I watched at least 20 students hop out of their parents’ cars with their hair in pony tails, no crazy hair, no silly hat… Nothing “Wacky” at…

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