Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad!!!



Where do I start? Yup, found it. I’ll start at the beginning. I first met Bob and Sheryl Turner in September of 2006. Their smokin’ hot daughter, Brianna, thought it was time for me to meet her folks. I had already met her brother Chase in college. He made delicious brownies. ­čÖé I met her brother Rob in a seedy bowling alley in Dickson, TN as he and Brianna were heading back from Chase’s wedding the following year. So, now it was time to meet the scary parents! I brought my buddy Sam Morgan along for the ride in case I needed back up. We took Sam to get a tattoo while we were there in order to establish our manhood and street cred. It wasn’t needed. Bob and Sheryl invited the African American into their home and stuffed me so full of homemade waffles I thought I was being fattened for an untimely demise. Since that day I’ve had new best friends, advocates and parents.

I hear a lot of horror stories concerning in-laws. I feel bad for those people. As Rudy and Kristen can commiserate, marrying into the Turner family is like winning the lottery. As if their children weren’t enough of a prize, Bob and Sheryl’s relationship is a testimony to the love God intends for His children and they have passed their example on to everyone they’ve come in contact with.

Two or three months after meeting Bob and Sheryl, and an involved course of events, I was in need of somewhere to live. I did not want to move to New York where I knew my spiritual life would suffer, and staying in Clarksville, TN was not safe. Brianna had a conversation with her parents and within a week or two, of even more involved events, I was on my way to Greenbrier, AR to live with the Turners. There was never a time when I felt like I was a burden to them, not because I wasn’t one, but because they never let me feel that way. Late night snacks with Sheryl over chit chat and pool or ping pong made us fast friends. Making visits with Bob and having long Biblical discussions brought Bob and I closer. They also let me spend some time up at the gym to pass some time and work off the food they were feeding me. ­čÖé

I’ve made quite a few mistakes in my life time, but those mistakes which Bob and Sheryl have been present for have always been handled with utmost care and their┬álove has always prevailed. I could go on and on about the life lessons I’ve learned from this wonderful couple, but I’ll leave you with this:

Anyone who has sat down to Sherlo’s “gooey butter cake” dessert, needed something hemmed in a tight bind, needed a best friend and a sister┬áat a tough time or just needed to┬ábe reminded┬áeverything was going to be okay because God still loves them knows the Sheryl I know. Anyone who has sat across from Bob and listened to him cover a Jim Croce song (you know the one), needed godly counsel, was lacking a plan, needed a best friend and a brother when they had no where else to go or just wanted someone to share a box of raisin cookies with knows the Bob I’ve been privileged to know. I look forward to cheering you both on in the┬ácoming years as you grow closer and shine the light of God even brighter

From your favorite son-in-law and biggest fan,

Happy Anniversary