And Then She Drank the Lord’s Supper…

Yup And Then She Drank the Lord's Supper…. Advertisements

Daily Promise: Promise of Eternity

The world wants us to be believe that negativity and rudeness are endearing qualities. Be who you want to be in eternity, today.

You’re No Dummy: Promise of Security

The temptation for them was to not endure the suffering and return to what was comfortable. The Holy Spirit, through the Hebrew writer, is letting Christians everywhere know they have a place of refuge that no one can destroy, threaten or rescind.

Body Builder: Fighting for the Crown

Today, I will focus on the good fight, rather than needing to be right. Today, I will focus on finishing the course, rather than the paths that lead me away from righteous thoughts. Today, I will focus on my faith, rather than…

Breaking the Chains: If You Forgive Others

“Forgiveness means ‘to release one from legal or moral obligation.’ God is trying to release us… then we find an empathy for God and the greatest gift ever given: forgiveness through sacrifice.”

Daily Promise: Promise of Acceptance

God has built His church to be a safe haven for the afflicted, the downtrodden, lonely, broken, abused, hurt, outcast, shunned and neglected.

Daily Promise: Promise of Gathering

“Even when life seems to be handing us lemons, God is there with a juicer and a pitcher… Like the orphan, when the world has forsaken, His arms are always open.”

Daily Promise: Promise of Wisdom

As the beginning of the month is coming along, your New Year’s Resolution is fading fast and tax season is getting into full swing, you may be looking to make some important decisions. God is there and…

Daily Promise: Promise of Supremacy

“Man was made in His image to be a ruler, to be perfect and to be glorified by the creation…Chris Brill… We aren’t just here to save the whales and keep California from sliding into the ocean.”

Daily Promise: Promise of Expertise

Here I go writing about something I enjoy again… “If you will apply today’s lesson to your daily life, I promise you will find yourself hungering for more, looking for opportunities for application and loving what you do because it becomes your daily life… MAKE THE TIME!!!”