Daily Promise: Promise of Restoration

Today is the day you begin living, not as one who has not obtained mercy, but as a child of God’s unyielding mercy and forgiveness.


Daily Promise: I will never desert you, nor will I forsake You

Whether you have made your fortunes and have no financial cares or you have lived paycheck to paycheck, God wants us to find what He has given as sufficient for needs.

When “I Love You” Won’t Be Enough

Do you remember when you were a kid and someone you had never met before, probably a family member, said “I love you?”, and you were told by your parents, “Say ‘I love… Continue reading

The Christian on Prism Planet

Chances are if you’ve opened an internet browser or tuned into one of the major news outlets you have heard the latest “questionable” activity involving the NSA (National Security Agency). I’m not here… Continue reading

Who Will Deliver the Poor?

Scripture is very loud and specific concerning our responsibility to the poor and the benefit to our own souls when we take the cares of the needy upon ourselves. So, what are you doing? What… Continue reading

Was ______ Crucified for You?

Was ____ crucified for you? You can fill the blank in with your favorite theologian, preacher, elder or leader.

Excuse me God! WHY?

Brianna just had an ultrasound this morning and the results are negatively inconclusive. The lower spine was not visible to the doctor or the technician. So, there is a chance…

Day 1 – Rising Above the Negative

How much of your day is spent wrestling with negativity? The words you’ve carefully formulated for somebody. The cold shoulder reserved for ______. The things you’ll never get done. The things people don’t… Continue reading

Dishonesty in Truth Seeking

Before beginning any class I like to establish the basis of our pursuit by presenting three methods by which to enter a study: 1. With word study and cold exegesis in mind. 2.… Continue reading

FaceTime with God

When we give God more FaceTime the chances of being a forgetful hearer are lessened and our opportunity to effectively work towards the image of Christ are increased.