Does it Take More Faith?

Even more than the biased scientific data, what turned me off from atheism was the reason for my atheism… Again, without getting into the God of the Bible, when I honestly looked at the honest facts science has presented it was unescapable to see it not only took more faith to be an atheistic evolutionist, but it took willful suppression of the truth of a creator within myself.


Grace Under Fire

It’s true that our salvation is not from us, but rather it is from God. It is not a result of works we’ve done either, but what kind of works is Paul talking about? He tells us in…

For the Love of India

Recently, I was blessed to be able to make the trip to Visakhapatnam, India in order to visit and teach at the preaching school there, the Visakha Valley Bible College. It was only… Continue reading

Death By Ants

As the summer falls upon us folks in the desert we know what ant season looks like. As well we know how to take care of it. But, the way we take care of ants is often how Satan takes care of churches. He introduces…

TWC (EP7)- Finding Your Function

Don’t miss today’s episode. The Whole Council discusses new Christians and old pew packers finding their function to make the body more productive so as to be built up into the fullness of… Continue reading

Sermon: Seasons of Christianity (2 Timothy 4:1-8)

Listen to my sermon on the many seasons we as fathers, mothers, evangelists, preachers and Christians go through and how we can overcome those times.

The Three Seasoned Preacher

So, I charge all of you preachers to be a three seasoned preacher, not in the amount of time you’ve spent in ministry, but rather in the efforts you put into that ministry.

TWC Poll – Overcoming Temptation

The Whole Council is convening… Register at our new forum to keep up with the latest TWC news!                    Our new website is under construction and we couldn’t be more excited. A vision… Continue reading

Worry is for the Birds – Matthew 6:25-27

God will provide. God wants us to lean upon Him in those times of despair and sparsity. The soul is the life giving force of the body. Our soul needs God more so than food. When we trust in Mammon then we have reason to worry in our soul, for Mammon can’t provide for us because he isn’t real. But God is real and He has our treasure…

The Whole Council – Secular Authority

Today we discussed Secular Authority in the home and in the government. Here’s a quick recap of what was covered:

1. Authority in the Home (Familial Authority) – God has loaned authority to man from…